Highland Care Agency Ltd uses timesheets as the primary system for invoicing clients and for paying our Staff. In order to make sure you are paid promptly and accurately, it’s very important that all staff complete their timesheets to the following requirements. Each section of every timesheet must be completed fully, clearly and accurately. One timesheet should be completed for each client per week. The four part timesheets are to be used in the following manner:

  • WHITE to be sent to the office
  • BLUE to be sent to the office
  • YELLOW to be kept by client
  • PINK to be kept by worker

Timesheets must be originals, faxed or copied timesheets will not be accepted, nor should any other form of paper be used as a timesheet. Breaks appropriate to the shifts worked will be automatically deducted from timesheets.

]A ‘timesheet week’ runs from MONDAY through to the following SUNDAY. Payment is made weekly by BACS transfer direct to your bank or building society.

We will process every timesheet by the Monday following the week in which the shifts are worked. Payslips will be available on the Thursday. In order to meet this commitment, we need to receive completed timesheets by no later than midday on the Monday following the week in which shifts are worked.

As timesheets are used to calculate charges and generate invoices for clients, it is important to underline the responsibility of clients to ensure the accuracy and validity of all timesheets that they sign. In the event of any error or omission, staffs should not make retrospective changes to timesheets once they have been authorised by the client. In such circumstances a new timesheet should be completed for authorisation and the original destroyed.

Highland Care Agency Ltd has implemented an on going system of internal controls in order to minimise the processing of invalid or inaccurate timesheets. Any falsification of timesheets by Nurses or Carers is regarded as a disciplinary offence.

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For problems regarding your pay you can contact Ms Nadine Lamothe directly on 0131 555 0993 or send an email to: admin@highlandcareagency.co.uk